I'm Sofia. Australian, Indonesian and Spanish. Currently based in Barcelona. I adore playing miserable classial piano. Papaya Pieces is where I store some of my recipes and memories.

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On the Trail of My Digital Footprint

On the Trail of My Digital Footprint

Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works.

- Virginia Woolf.

Scattering my digital footprint around the internet was an shaky thought when I began my blog. If you have a blog, you probably know what I mean.

During the first few months I timidly only wrote recipes and about the food itself. These posts where accompanied by horrid food photographs. You can confirm this yourself if you dare to look through my archives. After a while, I found that this was terribly boring. One day I wrote about piano music. Lighting did not strike me, I did not turn into a toad, the world did not end. So I wrote more and more, realising that I was leaving behind that dreaded trail of my digital footprint.

Why was my digital footprint so scary to me?

At that time I was an unexperienced blogger and had no idea in which direction my blog was going to naturally lead itself. It's personal so I wanted it to reflect me. Also, I did not want any of my potential future employers to find it.

It's not so scary now. What changed since then?

With regards to these potential future employers, well I'll probably have a few more of those in my life, though one day I would like to open my own business. Keep waiting though, that day is still very far. Plus, I'm not bothered anymore about the what if these people find my blog part.

With regards to the writing in itself, with the exception of my interview with Garfield, I don't write fiction. My topics can be as vast and strange as, for example, betel nut chewing in Papua New Guinea or my personal thoughts on the Sultan of Brunei and his Sharia laws. The problem here is that when voicing issues like this, if I don't give hints about who I am, you might think I'm a bit bonkers. However, knowing that I've lived in eight countries until now, with Papua New Guinea and Brunei included, helps justify my writing about these topics. It explains why I can drone on about cultural differences. Knowing bits and pieces about me, like I have studied pharmacy, play the piano, which city I live in, the fact that I am a woman and my approximate age all give me the authority to write over my sometimes bizarre points of view.

However, if I were to write about car racing or fishing in Denmark, I would probably fail in the attempt.

I have a friend who has a secret blog. No, I do not know the name of her blog. Not even her husband knows it. Perhaps she writes fiction, I don't know. Sure I toyed with the idea of making a secret blog, but now I realise that it wouldn't be right for me. What would I be able to write about there? Absolutely anything! But it might not make sense to me or anyone else.

This is why I'm not so scared about my digital footprint anymore. Letting you know a bit about me explains the rationale over what I write about. Oh yeah, you also get to see some of my food here.

I am interested in knowing your thoughts on your digital footprint? It would also be interesting to see if our age influences our perceptions. Perhaps the younger generations who naturally grew up with the internet and social media aren't so picky. Or perhaps they are. Please let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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