White Villages III: Dinner at Grazalema

The long road to Grazalema finally led us to the White Village of Grazalema. Like most other white villages, Grazalema is also on a mountain top so the views from practically anywhere there are breathtaking. Sometimes I wonder whether the locals that live in places like this are conscious of the amazing scenery they have. Do they wake up everyday giving thanks to the beauty they get to see? Or are they so used to it that they are immune and don’t care? Or, as often the grass seems greener on the other side, do they crave the crazy lights and life of a big city?

Grazalema 08

Grazalema 07

It was nearly dinner time when we reached Grazalema. We had just enough time to go for a walk, me snap away like a tourist, and make ourselves a bit more worn out to deserve the food better.

Grazalema 01

Grazalema 05

Grazalema 04

Grazalema 03

Grazalema 10

One of the cute things I noticed in Grazalema is that every single establishment, no matter if they are a small independent business or a massive chain of supermarkets, they all have a black iron sign with white letters. It’s as if the town hall has a marketing department that decided that the decor of the town would have these black iron signs. However they do it, I think it’s charming.

Grazalema 09

Grazalema 02

It seemed that in Grazalema everybody knew each other. We realised that walking in the streets everyone would say hola and stop to talk to each other. At the restaurant we finally chose to have dinner, every single local that came in would chat to the waiters as if they had known each other all their lives. Anyone walking by would stop to have a chat with the people sitting there. Everyone that went past on a motorbike or car would wave their hola.

I realised I’ve never lived in a village small enough to know everyone. I wonder, does it make you feel like your cramped in a cage and everyone is watching your every move? Or is it the contrary? Is it fantastic because you feel secure and part of a tight community?

Ok, I’ve probably posed some absurd questions in this post. But hey, I’ve lived in loads of places but never in a beautiful remote mountain village. So I don’t know.

Grazalema 13

Grazalema 11

Grazalema 14

Grazalema 15

Anyway, at some point, we let our tired feet rest and stopped for dinner. We tried some mosto, which is a kind of very young wine typically made in the region. It’s the wine that is produced after the first fermentation, so it’s relatively weak in terms of alcohol content, and it’s quite sweet and juicy.

Grazalema 16

A bit of Payoyo cheese from the local Payoyo goats.

Grazalema 19

Grazalema 18

Some chicken fried in a crispy corn batter. Indeed it is not a traditional local dish, but the waiter said it’s something they had invented in that restaurant and he recommended it as one of his favourite dishes. So gave these fancy nuggets a try. I really liked them.

Grazalema 20

Lastly, some venison cooked in a wine sauce.

Grazalema 21

Grazalema 22

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Saskia (1=2) 2015-10-04 at 23:36

    WOW. That is absolutely beautiful Sofia. Amazing photos. Can’t imagine being immune to living in a breathtaking place like that. I’d be thanking my lucky stars daily 🙂
    That cheese look interesting, as does the chicken (anything crispy and fried wins my vote).

    1. Sofia 2015-10-04 at 23:37

      I can’t imagine being immune to it either! Yep, anything crispy and fried wins me (especially as I never actually fry anything myself…).

  2. annascuisine 2015-10-05 at 03:09

    Beautiful photos, Sofia. And what a beautiful village! It’s so clean and picturesque. The food sounds delicious. I love how they serve the crispy chicken nuggets and the venison. Having these with mosto wine and Payoyo cheese as appetizer would make my day. With your description, it is indeed a beautiful place to visit and you are fortunate to have been able to experience its beauty and delicious food.

    1. Sofia 2015-10-05 at 21:28

      Hi Anna! Yes it’s such a beautiful village! And great food too?How are you doing lately? xx

      1. annascuisine 2015-10-07 at 02:48

        Hi, Sofia! Unfortunately, I’m still trying to shake off this cough. Other than that I’m good. Thanks. 🙂

        1. Sofia 2015-10-07 at 09:52

          Oh dear. I’ve had coughs that lasted for months in the past! I hope yours disappears soon xx

          1. annascuisine 2015-10-08 at 06:11

            Mine has been two weeks. My doctor prescribed something for cough, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. 🙁

            1. Sofia 2015-10-14 at 23:23

              How is your cough coming along, disappearing?

              1. annascuisine 2015-10-17 at 20:17

                After resting, it’s finally disappearing. Hopefully, it will completely disappear by next week. Thanks for asking. Enjoy your day. 😀

  3. Guillermina Bósquez Stover 2015-10-05 at 04:23

    I loved the simplicity of the food and its presentation. So Spain, so Andalucía. Andalucía la hermosa…ah… Well, Sofia, having lived in a small town, although not a village, it does get a bit cramped. But what frustrated me when I was young was the narrow-mindedness of the townspeople. That was MY experience. And yes, I always dreamt of living in a big city. Yet now as I am in my “tercera edad” it’s not so bad living in a quiet, tranquil town…I just wish it was Grazalema!!!

    1. Sofia 2015-10-05 at 21:30

      Ah yes actually I can understand what you’re saying. I often get frustrated over the narrow-mindedness of people that have not ventured far from their own region, so I get it.. Ah I don’t consider your tercera edad for goddness sakes 🙂 By the way you’re trip to New York is very soon right? xx

  4. Lily @ChloeAsh 2015-10-05 at 05:02

    I miss clear skies. Looking at these beautiful photos remind me of our clear blue skies and picturesque mountains surrounding the valley. We could see those trees on the mountains from afar, they look like bunches of broccoli but now, can’t see anything! We have to close our windows and doors and stay inside. Schools are close because it’s unhealthy for kids to be out. My baby is suffering from a long term of cough just because of this haze situation that occurs yearly. Sigh. Sorry for the rant, but I want my fresh air and outdoor activities!

    1. Sofia 2015-10-05 at 21:33

      Bunches of broccoli, what imagination you have 😉 Wow so you got to live also near mountains, that is beautiful. Oh no your poor baby. Apparently I was always coughing when I was small (we lived in Singapore then) and it wasn’t until we moved to Australia and (ahem) my dad stopped smoking that I stopped coughing. So yeah, fresh air is very important for kids! And for you! xx

  5. Mabel Kwong 2015-10-05 at 11:12

    The chicken in corn batter sounds delicious. It sounds much more healthier than in beer batter or deep oily butter batter or the normal kind of batter (yeah…I’m no cook!).

    1. Sofia 2015-10-05 at 21:35

      Hahaha you’re probably right its probably healthier. I don’t fry at home (or maybe not yet) and the times I’ve tried to make batter, I tell you, I don’t have the talent for it hahahaha. So nop, am not a batter cook either. We should just eat gourmet nuggets outside of home ;P

  6. Patty Nguyen 2015-10-06 at 06:16

    This post completely transported me, Sofia. What a great series of photos to go along with an excellent write-up. <3

    1. Sofia 2015-10-07 at 09:51

      Aww thank you Patty! <3

  7. Dalo 2013 2015-10-06 at 07:31

    What an incredible place and you summarize it so well with your photos and writing. I too often wonder if people who live in amazing places (or have incredible views our their windows and doors) become so use to such sights and they begin to ignore and forget about them 🙂 One nice thing about travel, I suppose, is that it kind of heightens our sensations to take in such sights and never take them for granted. Wishing you well Sofia ~ also wishing one of those glasses of red wine were for me in your opening shot 🙂

    1. Sofia 2015-10-06 at 21:12

      I also think they get used to it and then don’t realise how beautiful it is on a daily basis. Come visit and we’ll share some red wine 🙂

  8. Mitzie Mee 2015-10-14 at 20:24

    I thought that I had left a comment on this post, but apparently I haven’t:) I love those beautiful small villages, and I also always wonder whether the people living there still appreciate what they got, or if they’re so used to it that they’ll instead complain. I could imagine something like “ah, it’s too quiet” “stupid mountain is blocking the sunset” etc. :):)

    1. Sofia 2015-10-14 at 23:22

      I also wonder if they think things like: uughhh I have to see the same stupid mountain everyday and it’s all so quiet here, how boring!
      I hope they do appreciate the beauty they get to see everyday. xx


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