“Destressing” Super Simple Artichokes

This recipe is not a destress type of recipe because of any components in artichokes that lower our stress level – or not that I know of anyway. It doesn’t have any magical herbs or spices sprinkled on it that makes us calm. Nothing to do with nutrition, pharmacognosy nor witchcraft. This recipe is destressing because you have to hit the artichokes! How fun is that? Had a stressful day at work? Just hit some artichokes and pop them in the oven.

But before the recipe, a story of what I got up to this weekend. On Saturday this weekend it was the Night of the Museums in Barcelona. A friend of mine and I had planned to go to the Güell Palace which was designed by Gaudi, and which is not located in the Güell Park by the way, in case you ever want to visit it. So we went out for dinner in a Japanese restaurant and then went over to the Güell Palace. To our surprise we were told that the tickets were sold out and that we wouldn’t be able to get in.

So much for that…

We had thought, however, that the purpose of the Night of the Museums was to let everyone freely walk in and out of the participating museums to have a grand night of culture. In fact, last year we did this and we visited quite a few museums. Anyhow, I hope to visit the Güell Palace soon, as apparently it’s very beautiful inside.

Artichokes super simple recipe

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Super Simple Artichokes Recipe

Bear in mind that I’m not writing any amounts here, not even the amount of artichokes because the amount per person really depends on if the artichokes will be a first course, a side dish, or the whole main meal. Also, different varieties of artichokes are so different in size. French artichokes are so much more bigger and meatier – if you know what I mean – than Spanish artichokes, which are so much more lankier too. So much so that part of the adventure of eating baked Spanish artichokes is sucking on most of the non-edible fibrous individual leaves to get the substances out of it.

To sum it up, it’s like playing with your food. First you hit it. Then you take off each leaf and suck them.


lemon juice
freshly grounded black pepper
olive oil

Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

Wash the artichokes by soaking them in water with a few drops of lemon juice for about 10 minutes. This is so that if any little insects are hiding between the leaves, hopefully the immense flooding and bit of acid will make them escape. Rinse the artichokes well.

Remove the outermost leaves and cut of a bit of the stem. One by one, hold each artichoke from it’s base with one hand, and give it a good thump or two or three with your other hand. This will soften the leaves and separate them so that they will become cooked quicker.

Cut each artichoke in half and arrange them in an ovenproof pan. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper. Drizzle some olive oil.

Bake for about 50 minutes.


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