Strawberry, Oreo and Mascarpone Smoothie

What a week! I usually don’t talk about politics here, but this week we had riots in my neighbourhood. We’re talking about things happening just a few blocks away and bins burning just around the corner. Whoa. Something to do with squatters being thrown out of where they were living by the mossos (sort of like an in between force of the police and military), the previous mayor of Barcelona apparently had been paying their rent in an attempt to buy social peace, and the current mayor getting herself into trouble. As she often does. We decided to venture out at some point to see what was going on, and nearly got trampled on by a crowd of squatters escaping the police. After that we decided that we should see what was going on via Twitter and online local newspapers instead of seeing it in direct. So, as I said I don’t usually talk about politics, and I won’t go into more detail so I’ll leave this link here for you to have a read.

Anyway, let’s get onto more menial subjects, such as this smoothie.

Strawberries Oreos

Mascarpone strawberries and oreos

Strawberry Oreo Mascarpone

Strawberry, Oreo and Mascarpone Smoothie Recipe

I admit this smoothie is not exactly the epitome of healthiness, except for the strawberries that is. But it’s a fun and easy snack anyhow.

Ingredients (per person):

6 strawberries
4 Oreos
200gr Mascarpone cheese
1/2 teaspoon sugar

Put all of the ingredients except for one strawberry and one Oreo biscuit in a blender. Simply blend. Pour into a glass. Decorate with the remaining strawberry and Oreo biscuit.

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