Through the Pyrenees

Cross the border through the Pyrenees from Spain to France, then all of a sudden the crickets chirp twenty times louder and the pine trees perfume the air. I catch a glimpse of colourful tiny birds of a species I had never seen before, so enchanting they seem like they came from the same land as fairies and goblins do.

It’s astonishing how the sounds, scents and colours are so different from one side of the Pyrenees to another. I am not a biologist, botanist nor geologist, so my only guess is that the Pyrenees really are a natural barrier that has forced mother nature to adapt her creations on one side and the other.

We have embarked on another road trip this year. For now we’ve done Barcelona to the North of France. It is a much needed escape from the absurdities of everyday urban life.

Our first stop was at Fortresse de Salses, a 16th century fort. Even though it is on the French side of the Pyrenees, it was built by the Spanish to guard the former frontier between Spain and France. It was then captured by the French and has remained to be French.

Stay tuned for more road trip scenes.

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