Le Welsh: A Cheesemonster’s Dream Dinner

I don’t care if anyone thinks that eating a Welsh in the middle of summer is inappropriate, I love cheese so much that if a plate of melted cheese is put in front of me, I will most probably eat it no matter the season. A Welsh is one of the typical dishes that you can often find in restaurants and brasseries in the North of France.


It is inspired by the Welsh dish called Welsh rarebit, which even though I have not had the opportunity to try yet, the Northern French Welsh looks as though it were a cheesy hardcore version of the the Welsh rarebit.

Le Welsh

Basically, to assemble a Welsh you get an individual sized casserole dish. You put some bread, ham, mustard, a huge amount of Cheddar cheese, bathe it all in beer and then stick it into the oven. To make things worse, it is not served with a light salad. It is served with chips.

The truth is, the night I ate this Welsh was indeed technically in summer, but it was a Northern French summer’s day. That can mean anything from cold to heatwave. That night we were nowhere near a heatwave. I was sitting outside on a terrace in Lille wearing a jumper and jeans, not feeling the summer’s heat whatsoever with a cold breeze. It was a typical Northern French non-summery summer moments.

My companions chose more summery dishes. Are you a cheesemonster? Would you have a this or something else, as did my companions, on a cold summer’s day?


Beef with sauce Lille

Chicken pasta

Salt and pepper


Le Welche Lille


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