Seven Food Blogs that Inspire Me

If I had a bunch of beautiful radishes, what would I make? What would you make? Actually, I know what I would make. Lately I’ve been loving radishes, so I’ve been always on the the lookout for nice fresh radishes and trying to sneak them into as many unconventional salads as possible. But if I were short on ideas, or short on any cooking inspiration on any given day, where do I turn to for cooking inspiration? To food blogs of course!

Here are some of the food blogs that have been inspiring me lately in absolutely no particular order:

1. Lan writes Morestomach like a poet and makes pretty pictures. Furthermore, all of her delicious dishes are healthy, even the sinful ones like those chocolate popsicles that are on her home page right now at the instant while I’m writing this.

2. The blog The Hungry Scribbler, written by my blogging pal Dorcas, is full of meaningful reflections with stories that are close to nature and to your heart. Many of her recipes have inspired me, and many more are on my to do list, like some of her ice creams or scones.

3. One of my recentish discoveries is Eating With Your Hands, a blog 100% dedicated to food that you eat with your hands. How awesome is that? Its design won me from the start, and I have my eye on a recipes that I want to attempt as soon as I have the time to. It’s been nominated to this year’s Saveur Awards, so you can guess where I’ll be casting one of my not so secret votes, wink wink.

4. I’m still kicking myself for not having met Amanda behind What’s Cooking that time when I was geographically in reach and could have. While many of her dishes have inspired my cooking, above all it’s her words that inspire me. It’s not just the stories in her posts but also her kindness as a friend whose words accompany me when I need them.

5. I’m lucky to have have met and become friends with Darya from Tortore. Darya is so lovely. She’s also an incredible fountain of knowledge of interesting foods, always learning and always creating new things. You can bet you will always learn something new from her. Bonus: she writes her blog in both French and English, so I get to sweat practicing my reading in French, and then read the English version to see if I understood correctly. It’s perfect for anyone learning French.

6. Everything that Paul, from That Other Cooking Blog, makes is impressive. Whether it be his expertise on sous vide, sharing his recent butchering lesson or simply all of his photos. I once made one of his creations. It turned out nowhere near as aesthetically graceful as his did – but that’s because clumsy me. Don’t worry though, it was delicious.

7. I’m sure we all know Lady and Pups, by Mandy. No words needed. Just drool… Ok, I’ll dedicate a few words. Even though all her dishes make me drool (and I don’t even like that word), it’s mainly her Asian dishes that inspire me. PS she is again nominated in this years Saveur Awards, just in case you wanted more voting ideas.

There we go. In all my blogging time I think I’ve never made a post sharing some of my favourite blogs. Maybe I should show more appreciation and do this more often.

Do you know of any food blogs you really want to share?


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