Steamed Clams with Garlic and Ginger

A note to my mum who will probably recognize a few items in these photos: I made these clams with garlic and ginger in your kitchen one of the days you were somewhere else. I added the ginger inspired by you because you sometimes add ginger to your clams too. The ginger goes really well to give a little je ne sais quoi tangy spicy flavour to the clams without going over the top.

Before launching into the clams with ginger recipe lets chat. What did you get up to this week? I was in Madrid this week. Remember we had the supermoon this week? I was pretty excited about it. At the end of the day, I walked out, looked at the sky and saw: no moon. In fact I saw no moon and no stars. The buildings around me where too high, the streets were too narrow and the photopollution was too bright, so in the little patch of sky available I only saw darkness. So much for that.

I arrived to a different area. All was not entirely lost. Here the buildings were more further apart from each other and I saw the supermoon. To be honest it was more like a minimoon. It seemed more luminous that usual but was a minimoon in my eyes nevertheless. I made a short video of the mini supermoon as part of a collective project, freezing my fingers in the process, and zoomed in at it in an attempt at making the mini supermoon look more super. What did the supermoon look like over where you where?

I came back from Madrid vía train. On the train, a man sitting next to me, who I had never met before, asked me if I could share the internet from my mobile phone with his. Seeing it was not an emergency situation, he just wanted to surf the web, I said no. How weird is that? Have you had strange requests from strangers?

Ginger garlic clam recipe

Steamed Clams with Garlic and Ginger Recipe

Clams, as with other shell type seafood, usually come with a fair amount of sand inside them. My method for cleaning them and getting rid of the sand is to put them in a bowl, fill with cold water until all the clams are covered, and add a few teaspoons of salt. Let them sit for about 30 minutes. They will spit out the sand, not that you see them spitting it out, but it does purge them and make them release the sand. If I think the clams where extra sandy to begin with, you can rinse them and repeat soaking them in salt and water a few times. Otherwise just rinsing them after the first round usually does the trick.

Ginger and garlic clams easiest recipe

Ginger garlic clams simple recipe

Ingredients (serves 2-3 people as a starter)

500gr clams
2 cloves garlic
1cm ginger
white pepper
100ml water
150ml white wine

Clean and purge the clams as instructed above. Place the clean clams in a pot.

Peel and cut the garlic and ginger into small pieces. Add the garlic and ginger to the clams. Add a small amount of salt and white pepper. Add some water and white wine.

Put a lid on the pot and place on medium heat. Bring to boil and let them steam for about 10 minutes or until all the clams have opened and are cooked. Check once in a while, if it looks like there is not enough water just add a little bit more.

Enjoy with a bit of bread to dip into the broth and a glass of white wine!

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