My Cyber Housewarming Party Roundup

“A party without cake is just a meeting.”

– Julia Child

Thank you to everyone that participated in my #papayapiecesparty cyber housewarming party. You all made me smile, and I hope you had a lovely time. I was delighted at all the things we got to eat. Because all the food was in cyberspace, I suppose the good thing is that nobody needed to exercise not even an ounce of it off…

It’s strange how in my real life, -and sometimes I cringe when I say real life, more on that later on in this post- everyone around me seems to not be into desserts and sweets. I seem to be surrounded by lots of people that say: oh, I’m a savoury person, I don’t really like sweet things. It just so happens that I do have a sweet tooth, so I don’t understand them. In my cyber party, however, you brought along quite a lot of desserts. Hooray!

#papayapieces Cyber Housewarming Party

Now onto the yummy part which is what my friends brought to the party. We had flavours from all around the globe, along with a few fusion inventions too.

Sourdough Bread

My great friend Pianolearner baked some sourdough bread (that big picture up there). A bit of bread always goes well with everything, plus if it’s homemade it’s so special. You can find his recipe here.

Persian Chicken Tacos

Fernando, who is behind one of the coolest blogs ever Eating With Your Hands, brought some Persian chicken tacos. I have been to Iran before, and my memories of Persian cuisine was that of being absolutely perfectly fragrant, perfectly spiced and perfectly delicious. I’ve heard that authentic Persian cuisine is timely and rather complicated, but I should try making it myself, even if just once.

His tacos are actually a fusion version (invention perhaps?) with slow cooked Persian saffron chicken with pickled red onion influenced by Argentinian choripan, all in a taco.

To make it all even more delicious, he even made the tacos himself!

The recipe for these Persian chicken tacos can be found in his post here.

Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

Who doesn’t love the taste of chickpeas? When I see them in these colourful smashed chickpea sandwiches full of goodness, I can just imagine how refreshing the flavours are.

Waz explores vegan food and lifestyle in the blog Lets Nom Nom, so we know her sandwich is not only tasty but healthy too.

Note: Waz is currently going through the gruelling process I’ve recently gone through of moving her blog. It’s going to have a different name so once it’s moved, I’ll update this post with the new address.

By the way, Waz also happens to be a graphic designer, so I bet her new site will be awesome. I can’t wait to see it!

Heirloom Boiled Eggs

Last week I posted these heirloom boiled eggs. This recipe, which can be found here, was invented by my Spanish grandmother, who is now 96 years old. My aunties also make this recipe and now I do too. These eggs are in a light cumin fragranted sauce, with a touch of turmeric just to give them a bit of a brighter yellow colour.

A few of my friends pointed out that this dish would go great at my housewarming party, so I decided to bring them along. I think they go perfect with the freshly baked bread that Pianolearner brought.

Pianolearner: I hope you like the combo of these eggs with your bread.

Danish Pastries

Now onto the sweets. We had some representation of Danish food with these Danish pastries and rundstykker brought along by Mitzee Mee. She is behind the blog, under the same name Mitzee Mee in which she writes all about her adventures while she explores the world.

If you want to dream about literally anywhere, go to her blog and she’ll probably have been there to give you the best tips ever about the place.

She knows a lot about Danish food -you can read why in her blog- so she brought over these pastries. I think they’re so nifty and delicious for a party.

Creamy Japanese Bilberry Pastries

The super mom behind the blog Tripsnkids was recently in Japan and loved all the Japanese food she got her hands on. Lucky her! I love Japanese food too, so I would have also been in food heaven there I guess.

Tripsnkids brought over some creamy Japanese bilberry pastries. Bilberries + cream + from Japan. That can only be delicious!

The Tripsnkids blog is all about travelling around the world with. I do recommend reading her blog for travelling anywhere if you have children, as she has loads of cool and fun tips. She also get up to loads of fun things too in her trips.

Berry Cupcakes

As if we didn’t have enough sweet things, I also made berry cupcakes. Very berry. Berries in the cup-cake as such, and berries in the icing.

It’s not the first time I made these icing swirls, but this time I had loads of fun doing them. I can’t wait to make my next cupcakes.

But meanwhile, in the nearer future, I’ll post the recipe for these cupcakes.

Spoiler: They don’t contain a single gram of yogurt, but somehow the mix with the berries make them taste quite yogurty.


I wanted to leave this dessert till last because oh my goodness it looks amazing. My good friend Darya, who blogs at Tortore made and brought over this Indian dessert called amrakhand.

Amrakhand is a saffron mango strained thick yogurt dessert. The colours are gorgeous and I can virtually smell it. As she says, you can have it as a dessert, or even as a breakfast or brunch. I agree, I’d have it anytime.

You can find her amrakhand recipe right here. I’m really tempted to try making this myself, even though I’m the only one in the Papaya Pieces household that likes yogurt. Perhaps it’s a good thing. More for me.

May I add: Another dish with saffron at my party, how fancy is that!


The ladies from the XOXO Collective brought along bottles of champagne. They couldn’t have chosen a better bubbly for all of us to toast with.

Thanks so much ladies!

A Small Rant About Friends

As I mentioned above, sometimes I cringe when someone or even I myself differentiates between real life and virtual life friends. Obviously our real life friends are the ones we have properly met and are often geographically close to us -though with my very international life, many are far away. We could define them as the real flesh and bones people that have been with us on our day to day. The thing is that in this blogging thing, our virtual friends also happen to be real flesh and bones people, who put in a lot of work and passion in what they do. They have the same joys and struggles as we all do. We are all real people.

Also, sometimes we actually end up meeting each other, or have plans to eventually meet up. For instance, Darya was once what we could call my virtual friend, but after a few real life meetings, we’re now real life good friends. And that is one of the precious things I’m most grateful for in my blogging journey.

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  1. Darya 2017-03-24 at 08:26

    What a lovely post, Sofia. It’s funny how our last meeting really made the difference between “virtual friends just meeting up once a year” and “real life friends”. Internet really makes these things possible; I have food-loving friends here in Lille, but blogging has really opened my mind to other cuisines and cultures. This post, with its eclectic variety of recipes from around the world in a good example. I hope you enjoy this new space of yours, and continue to share stories, pictures, and recipes!

    1. Sofia V. 2017-03-25 at 10:02

      Awww <3 Yes blogging has opened my mind way more in cuisines and cultures too! Specifically in my kitchen I make way more variety of things than anyone I know in my "real life friends"- and I'm sure it's the same with you!

  2. Mimi 2017-03-24 at 14:17

    Me, Too… I’ve met 4 bloggers and it was. So much. Fun! But even the relationships I have that are virtual are so fun. Great virtual party – I don’t know how to do that sort of thing or I would have helped you celebrate! Love those eggs. I’ve always wanted to make deep fried olives…

    1. Sofia V. 2017-03-25 at 10:04

      I guess when we agree to meet bloggers it’s because we already made a connection in the virtual side, otherwise we wouldnt bother trying to meet up! But yes, with all the bloggers I’ve met (also 4) it’s been great! If I do throw another cyber party, I’ll give you a nudge somehow and you can join in 🙂 I’ve never heard of deep fried olives, interesting!

  3. Hanna 2017-03-25 at 11:50

    It was a lovely party! 😉
    I do blame you that my trousers feel tight again… I wish it was just virtual.

    1. Sofia V. 2017-03-26 at 17:12

      I’m also looking forward to meeting you soon! 🙂

  4. Angela 2017-03-26 at 11:02

    It must have been a great housewarming party with lots of food! 🙂

    1. Sofia V. 2017-03-26 at 17:12

      Yes Angela, you should have come too! 🙂

  5. Mitzie Mee 2017-03-28 at 10:15

    And what a party! Congratulations on your new online home. Love the new design:)

    1. Sofia V. 2017-03-29 at 09:01

      I’m glad you like it! And I’m so glad you came to the party!! 🙂


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