Tropical Fruit Granola

Even though today in real life in Barcelona we’re having bouts of bad weather, to celebrate the official instalment of spring {and above all my wishes for warmer weather} I decided to ditch my usual granola combo type with a tropical fruit granola. As if that could bring along a spell of tropical weather…

But first, an angry rant. I went to my local fine food store buy some dried tropical fruits to make this granola. To be honest I’m not too sure what this kind of store is called. It’s a small shop that sells all sorts of herbs, spices, nuts, flours, etc. Everything is set out in bulk and you serve yourself into small bags. In Spain they are called tiendas de granel (bulk stores), in France they are called épicerie fine (fine spices), and I’m told in the UK they can be called pick n’ mix, but I’m not sure it’s the same concept. Anyway, I hope you get what I mean… I was choosing my dried tropical fruits, when I overhear the store owners saying to another customer that they’re shutting. So I decide to join in the conversation. Why are they shutting?

Before the why, I need to give a bit of background. The shop had opened about a year ago. Even though there are a few shops like this in my neighbourhood -the others are part of chains- I liked going to this one because the lady that owned it is lovely, and above all it’s her little business that you can see she puts in all her energy and heart into. Basically I went there because I prefer to support smaller local businesses.

Back to the why. They explained that even though the business wasn’t exactly skyrocketing into extreme success, it was making enough to make ends meet and continue on. When they opened a year ago, they received a health inspector, and he gave them the ok to open. Then one month ago, they received a visit from another inspector. This one decided that they would have to install and renovate a whole lot of things in the shop. They calculated that it would be a few tens of thousands worth of renovations. The inspector also said that it had to be done within one month.

They didn’t have the means to find that funding, nor complete it in a month, so it was decided that they would have to shut. Within one month of the visit of the second inspector, they were shutting. They had the whole store under liquidation prices, and I decided to quickly think of all the spices I usually use that may be used up in my kitchen within the next couple of months or so. As I showed in this photo, I ended up leaving there with a bit more than just some dried tropical fruits. In fact, I bought even more than the dried fruits plus what is in that photo.

I also left the place sad for the lady, and furious at the Spanish system for destroying this lady’s business. She had a dream and the guts to open that business, and they destroyed it. In a country with a ridiculously high unemployment rate (usually rounding the 20%), and where opening your own business is tremendously hard to do (due to abusive licence fees, taxes, and struggles in finding finance), I think it’s terrible that the system has the ability to easily break up small businesses instead of helping them grow. How dare they? Rant over.

Tropical Fruit Granola Recipe

I made this tropical granola, instead of in the oven, with my personal technique of cooking it in my Le Creuset pot instead. I find that it’s a lot quicker than in the oven, and I love the process of stirring it while the sweet fragrances of the ingredients heat up and mix together. I didn’t add any sugar or additional sweetening ingredients to this granola, as the dried fruits itself give enough of a sweet taste.

Ingredients (completely fills up a 3 litre jar)

1kg oats
3 tablespoons coconut oil
100gr dried coconut
100gr dried mango
100gr dried papaya
100gr dried pineapple
pinch of salt

Prepare by cutting all the dried fruits into small pieces.

Heat the coconut oil over low-medium heat in a pot.

Add the oats, all of the dried fruits along with a pinch of salt. Stir continuously until the oats turn a golden color, taking care that it doesn’t begin to burn along the bottom of the pan. This should only take about 5 minutes, or 10 at the most if you are being ultra careful and doing it over very low heat.

Serve with some milk or non-dairy milk of your choice. I find that serving it with a touch of coconut cream turns breakfast into a real treat. Enjoy your breakfast!


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  1. Mimi 2017-03-27 at 16:01

    Great. Looking granola. I hope it lifts. Your spirits! So sad about the store.

    1. Sofia V. 2017-04-02 at 19:36

      Yes, very sad about the store 🙁

  2. Lily 2017-03-29 at 12:29

    I hardly have cereal for breakfast! I sometimes keep cereals in boxes but since no one eats it often, the cereal is kept in the fridge >_<

    1. Sofia V. 2017-04-02 at 19:38

      Cereal in the fridge, lol! And your children don’t like cereal either?

  3. sileas 2017-04-08 at 17:16

    Sorry to hear that, that sucks! I guess this bureaucracy is taking over a bit too much… The regulations here are kinda crazy too. I never made granola myself but it looks simpler than I thought 🙂 And the combo with tropical fruits, yummy!

  4. Mabel Kwong 2017-04-23 at 05:49

    It is so sad to here the lady’s business had to shut down because of the second inspector. The first time seemed okay, but the second time it sounds like they are becoming more tough, or maybe there is more to it than meets the eye in some way. Hope things get better for her and all the best.

    I like granola, but a lot of granola I’ve eaten are too hard and chewy for my liking! Maybe I didn’t put enough milk, maybe they take time to soften. Don’t eat it with yoghurt because my body doesn’t tolerate yoghurt to well. It is the same with muesli for me D:


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