Hi! I’m Sofia. Papaya Pieces is my personal project which is not about papayas.

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Five Facts

1. Mission

Dedicated to homemade cooking and travels. With an approach to appreciating traditions, fine details and nature.

Homemade cooking: it’s easy, healthy and delicious. Plus with music, wine and good company, it’s great fun!

Travels: even though I adore London and New York, over the last few years I’ve realised that I’m happier in authentic tiny towns close to nature.

2. {Multi} Culture

I am from Australia, Indonesia and Spain in alphabetical order and have lived in eight countries. I currently live in Barcelona, Spain. My fiancé is French. The best values of all these cultures are reflected in my recipes and lifestyle.

3. Expertise

Even though I don’t currently work in a pharmacy, I am a qualified pharmacist with nutritional studies included. This is why sometimes I might get a bit nerdy. This is also why I don’t easily buy into all the health food obsessions that everyone else may be raving about.

4. Name

The name Papaya Pieces is a nod to when my mum used to cut papayas into pieces back when we were living in South East Asia. I couldn’t stop eating them.

5. Caution

I have a problem with writing recipes. I’m not big on measuring. The amounts in my recipes are approximate. Not all ingredients are the same -one orange can be juicier than another. Not all stoves, ovens and utensils induce heat equally. It’s best to look, smell and taste to know if it’s right.


Contact: papayapieces@gmail.com